Health Integration

Programa Health Integration

Springfield Family Physicians:

CFD has provided behavioral health services at Springfield Family Physicians since 2012. The Health Integration program has a holistic view in supporting individuals, families, and their community relationships by addressing the physical and behavioral needs of the whole person. CFD's therapy staff collaborate with on-site medical staff for increased coordination to provide quality health services.

Integrated Community Care Management:

The Integrated Community Care Management program is a collaborative project with Center for Family Development and Springfield Family Physicians. A multidisciplinary team consisting of a Nurse Care Manager, Case Manager, Community Health Worker, Medical Assistant, and Therapist assist patients with complex medical conditions. Some of the things the team can help with are housing resources, food shortage needs, assistance with navigating the medical system, attending medical appointments, and coordinating care between medical providers. At this time, patients who have qualified for the program have already been contacted and no referrals can be accepted from the community.

Springfield Family Physicians:

CFD ha proporcionado servicios de salud mental en Springfield Family Physicians desde 2012. El programa Health Integration tiene una visión integral para apoyar a los individuos, familias y sus relaciones comunitarias considerando las necesidades físicas y mentales de la persona en su totalidad. Nuestro personal de terapia colabora con el personal médico en el sitio para incrementar una coordinación que proporcione servicios de calidad.