Adult Substance Use Recovery Services

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Adult Substance Use Recovery Services

Contact Information

To start services call: (541) 342-8437
Program questions contact: Program Coordinator: Shelia Stigall, CSWA
Voicemail: (541) 242-2907

The Adult Recovery Program is designed to address the multifaceted nature of substance use recovery. When alcohol and other drug use is problematic for an individual, everyone in the family is affected. Our unique program offers personalized treatment for both individuals and their families; family members may participate in the program so that everyone can access help and support.

Adult Recovery Program staff members are highly educated and experienced in substance abuse services and support and are Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. All Adult Recovery Program staff therapists are also certified as Qualified Mental Health Professionals.

Services include:

* Co-occurring disorders services and support

* Diagnostic assessments

* Group, individual, and family counseling

* Recovery skills training

* Alcohol and other drug education

* Urinalysis tests

* Relapse prevention planning

* Continuing care

Community Support Program:

Peers provide emotional support to individuals and families by meeting with them in community-based settings. Together, they can informally discuss issues, increase coping skills, identify strengths and talents and envision recovery.

Tools for Recovery Group:

This is a psycho-educational group focused on the physiological, psychological, and social ramifications of substance abuse. The group offers essential information and skill-sets necessary to establish early recovery from abusive patterns of use.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Recovery Group:

Information on alcohol is central to this group, with topics ranging from the physiological, psychological, social effects of substance use to legal implications. The group also directs its attention to the development of core skills necessary to support early and ongoing recovery.

Recovery Concepts Group:

This group provides information, skills and tools useful for successfully managing early abstinence and recovery.

Women's Recovery Group:

This group addresses issues which arise for women in recovery. Topics covered include: relaxation, family dynamics, trauma, abuse, healthy nutrition, communication, and positive coping skills. The group also emphasizes building healthy and supportive relationships with same-gender peers in recovery.

Tobacco Cessation Group:

This group is for individuals who are prepared to quit tobacco use or contemplating quitting and provides information, skills and tools, as well as support for successfully managing tobacco cessation.

Adult Substance Use Recovery Services