Youth Substance Use Recovery Services

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Youth Substance Use Recovery Services

Contact Information

To start services call: (541) 342-8437
Program questions contact: Program Coordinator: Shelia Stigall, LCSW, CADC I
Voicemail: (541) 242-2907

CFD's Youth Recovery Program is certified by the state of Oregon Division of Addictions & Mental Health Services to provide outpatient services and supports for substance use disorders, as well as DUII rehabilitation and information
services. CFD is also certified by the State as an outpatient community mental health clinic.

Nationally recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as one of five exemplary programs in the state of Oregon, the Youth Recovery Program utilizes a multi-systemic therapy model to offer personalized services and support for both individuals and their families. When alcohol and other drug use is problematic for an individual, everyone in the family is affected; family members may participate in this unique program so that everyone can access help and support.

Youth Recovery Program staff members are highly educated and experienced in substance abuse services and support and are Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Youth Recovery Program staff are also certified as Qualified Mental Health Professionals.

Services include:
* Co-Occurring disorders services and supports
* Diagnostic assessments
* Group, individual, and family counseling
* Recreation and leisure time skills training
* Alcohol and other drug education
* Urinalysis tests
* Continuing care
* Relapse prevention planning

Individual and Family Therapy:
Offer a rich environment for comprehensive relapse prevention planning to occur. Identifying thoughts, feelings, cravings, actions and relationship patterns that lead to substance use, and learning to manage these high risk situations, are integral to ongoing recovery.

Behavioral Support Specialist (BSS) Services:
Assists the youth in skill building, such as developing and maintaining positive peer relations, constructive management of highly emotional reactions during difficult situations, making constructive choices, appropriately interacting with authority figures, and developing a sense of self which emphasizes the ability to set and accomplish personal goals.

Youth Substance Use Recovery Services