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Pearl Street Health Home

Contact Information

Clinic Coordinator: Angela Sanchez
Direct line: (541) 242-2921

Pearl Street Health Home is a collaborative program between Center for Family Development and Springfield Family Physicians where behavioral health and primary care services are provided in an integrated, multi-disciplinary individual-centered model. All services provided in the Pearl Street Health Home are delivered with the intention of positively impacting an individualís overall health by treating and serving the individual through listening and addressing their own personal health goals.

Individuals accessing services at Pearl Street receive on-site physical health that include, but are not limited to womenís and menís health, pediatric care, blood work, and head to toe care. Additionally, behavioral health staff are on-site to provide immediate services for any individual interested in accessing behavioral health services. The physical and behavioral health team work alongside the individual in order to address and listen to each individualís health needs. On-going behavioral health services are also provided on-site by Center for Family Developmentís highly trained staff.

Our staff is trained in the contextual family systems model which addresses the particular facts of the individual's situation and history, the interpersonal dynamics in the family, the psychodynamics of each individual, and the balance of fairness and justice in the family system. Therapists are additionally trained in a variety of approaches and techniques which can be tailored to the unique needs of each client and family we serve including addressing physical health concerns, symptoms, and diagnoses into the behavioral health treatment of an individual.

CFD therapists located at Pearl Street work with problems such as at-risk and delinquent behavior, running away, anxiety, depression, impulse control, anger management, impacts of physical health symptoms and diagnoses on a personís mental health, eating disorders and body image, relationships, low self-esteem, difficulty in school, and other problems related to child, adolescent and family adjustment.

On-site behavioral and physical health related groups are provided to individuals who are interested and enrolled in the program.

Pearl Street Health Home