About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Vision:

Center for Family Development supports positive individual and family functioning, acceptance, empowerment and growth.

Our Mission:

CFD joins respectfully with diverse individuals and families to identify and access their strengths and resources to enhance their lives as well as their participation in the community.

CFD ensures effective services by providing education and training for staff and interns.

CFD Values and Believes in:

* Encouraging the full potential for healing and recognizing that families have profound significance in supporting wellness and recovery.
* Creating collaborative relationships with those we serve and other service providers as the foundation for positive outcomes.
* Seeking creative and innovative solutions in multiple community settings.
* Embracing human diversity and striving to be accessible to all.
* Ensuring integrity in protecting the safety and confidentiality of the individuals we serve.
* Encouraging a supportive and flexible climate for our staff, interns and the community we serve.