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Health Integration Program

Contact Information

Health Services Coordinator: Megan Post, CSWA
Voicemail: (541) 242-2934

Co-located at Springfield Family Physicians in Springfield, Oregon, Center for Family Development has provided integrated behavioral health services the primary care clinic since 2012.Behavioral Health issues addressed in this satellite location include individual and family transitions, including divorce, grief and loss, child abuse, child sexual abuse, step-family adjustment, difficulty in relationships, physical health symptomology and the effects on behavioral health wellness, adjustment to life events, and personal growth and development.

CFD therapists located in the primary care setting work with problems such as at-risk and delinquent behavior, running away, anxiety, depression, impulse control, anger management, impacts of physical health symptoms and diagnoses on a personís mental health, eating disorders and body image, relationships, low self-esteem, difficulty in school, and other problems related to child, adolescent and family adjustment.

The Health Integration program was developed with a holistic perspective in order to support the individual, their family, and their community relationships by addressing the whole person, physically and behaviorally. Our therapeutic approach is strength-based and motivational, mindful collaboration with on-site medical staff for increased coordination of health services in order to provide quality services, identifying the client's internal and external resources and developing client and family strengths and resiliency for meeting stressors and enhancing success.

Our staff is trained in the contextual family systems model which addresses the particular facts of the individual's situation and history, the interpersonal dynamics in the family, the psychodynamics of each individual, and the balance of fairness and justice in the family system. Therapists are additionally trained in a variety of approaches and techniques which can be tailored to the unique needs of each client and family we serve.

Individuals may receive individual or family therapy. An intake therapist assesses the client's needs often when an individual is visiting their physician at Springfield Family Physicians. Therapist assignment and/or behavioral health placement of services is processed after this brief initial assessment. Parents accompany a child to an assessment. Individuals typically see therapists weekly or biweekly in our office for typically 5-6 weeks as the treatment provided is solution-focused, treat-to-target cognitive behavioral therapy.

Health Integration Program