Health Integration

Springfield Family Physician Locations:

Center for Family Development has provided behavioral health services at Springfield Family Physicians since 2012. The Health Integration program has a holistic perspective to support the individual, their family, and their community relationships by addressing the whole person, physically and behaviorally. Our therapeutic staff collaborate with on-site medical staff for increased coordination to provide quality health services.

Pearl Street Health Home:

Pearl Street Health Home (PSHH) is a person-centered Behavioral Medical Health Home providing behavioral health and primary care services. It is a collaborative program between Center for Family Development and Springfield Family Physicians. Services at PSHH are designed to positively impact an individualís overall health by addressing personal health goals.

Individuals at PSHH receive on-site physical health care that includes, but is not limited to:

  • annual exams
  • blood work
  • preventative screenings
  • family planning

Common integrated services provided at PSHH may include:

  • primary care
  • mental health
  • drug/alcohol treatment
  • behavioral health groups
  • Community Support Specialist services
  • Peer Support Specialist services
  • case management