Offense-Specific Services

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants:

Drivers charged with a DUII seeking a diversion may satisfy their program requirements at Center for Family Development. The program has an ongoing, 12-week course that can be joined at anytime and includes group sessions and urinary analysis.

Sex Offender Adult Recovery:

For mandated and volunteer adult individuals with sexual behavior problems who seek to prevent future victimization and develop empathy, accountability and respect. Family therapy and victim clarification sessions are available. This program meets criteria for parole and probation.

Fostering Advocacy, Integrity, and Respect (juvenile offense-specific program):

This program is designed for mandated youth with sexual behavior problems who seek to prevent future harm and advocate for personal, family, and community health and well-being. Youth and their families or caregivers participate in intensive individual, family, and group therapy services to address mental health concerns, increase coping skills, effectively manage sexual behaviors, and attend to sexual feelings in healthy, productive ways.

Behavioral Services at Lane County Youth Services:

Center for Family Development provides family, individual therapy and behavioral support to youth involved in the juvenile justice system. Services include intensive community-based support and care coordination involving probation counselors, schools, and other community resources. These services are provided in the Phoenix Secure Services and Support Program, the Martin Luther King Educational and Vocational Center and through outpatient services for aftercare and youth on probation.